Jucanda and Hanes of Celtaidd: Search for the Dragon’s Tear

In this weekly blog post we will unveil characters from Celtaidd: Search for the Dragon’s Tear.


The beautiful young Egyptian spy employed as part of an army of informants loyal to the Pharaoh sent across the known World and less well known World to locate and destroy the Ark.

The youngest daughter of an army officer Jucanda decided early on that she wanted to serve her country and see the world. However, when she finds herself in the old land of Wales in amongst the people of Celtaidd she discovers love. A new and intoxicating experience Jucanda is torn between her loyalty and her heart.

However when the moment came, no one knows if she has betrayed or has been betrayed…. But the tear will burn within both her and her Celtaidd husband…..

Was it her love that exposed the Celtaidd and sent the below world to a sleep from which they must now awake. And if it was real love then what better reason for a story



The Welsh world for Story or History is Hanes and in years gone by it was the Story Teller who would be the guide. Story Tellers know the land, know the history, know the stories that make the landscape.

It is Hanes who falls in love with Jucanda and arguably begins the whole story of Celtaidd which is fitting for a Story Teller. But no one knows if he is betrayed or if both he and is love are victims of a wider plot.

Today Hanes is still the Story Teller leading the Gwrach and Rob through Wales but is he the same Hanes as he original is unclear. He has a job to do and he guides his charges through the maze of challenges to the North of Wales.

In time he may learn the ending to his own story.


The illustration is by Ash Designs.