Witches in the water

So…. what does my little girl Lola in a river have to do with anything? Well, here’s the thing… I’ve been asked to deliver some story telling for a festival in November (more details to follow) and I decided in Keeping with the time of year I’d tell some Witch stories.

So, as we walked along I came across a Witch Tree… Yr Goed Gwrach… and I found one of its fallen branches on the ground. Now Lola loves a stick and as a Lab enjoys the water. I threw that stick in to the river and I paused…… should you really throw a stick from a Witches Tree into the river?

Well, what could go wrong? I’ll tell you what…. read on… the following cautionary poem is the first of the November Witch Stories which I now cannot wait to tell.

You have been warned….

A man broke a branch from a witches tree

He threw that stick into the stream

His dog dived in and swam on down

It grabbed the stick but then

It drown.

The man jumped in to save his dog

He could not swim and clung to a log

Now the log had fallen from

The witches tree

And it span him away

Until he could not see

Which was up… and which was down

And like his dog

The man he drown.

His wife looked on in utter dismay she watched her husband

Washed away

She hung on a branch of the witches tree

And reached out her hand across the stream

To grab her husband before he went

But that branch slipped and that branch bent

And soon the wife fell to the waves

And like her husband could not be saved.

When the villagers heard they chopped down the witches tree

To make a boat to search the stream

For those they lost and those who’d drown

But that boat sank and none were found.

So if you pass a witches tree

Then keep on passing….

….. best leave it be..