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Celtaidd is a book written by Dale Davies which begins with a myth that becomes a story which creates a tale, that inspires a journey; A journey which readers can experience themselves, as legendary Welsh locations play a paramount role in the storyline. The immersive novel is due to be released later this year, on the 31st August 2019 and is infused with Welsh language, traditions and retold tales. A quest like no other unfolds from the Neath Waterfalls through the Fair Lake of Bala, even reaching Snowdonia, with protagonist Rob, searching for the dragon’s tears and all the obstacles and mythical beings he faces on his journey.

What inspired Police Sergeant turned author, Dale Davies?

According to Dale Davies, “stories and writing in general have always been an important part of my life. Living in Africa as a child fired my imagination and I have written ever since. Prior to joining the police, I worked as a Story Teller within schools and festivals, and as a reader in residence. At the age of seventeen, I was awarded with the title Young Welsh Poet of the Year”.

“I’m very proud to be a police sergeant, but it can be a hard job. We see things daily which can be difficult to reconcile, which results in a unique comradery between police officers. Returning to writing has been, for me essential in keeping perspective and reminding me what a fantastic country and culture we possess and are custodians of.

“Celtaidd is therefore born of my passion for Wales, its unique language, culture, myth and landscapes, which, as a rock climber and life-long hill walker and wild swimmer who has walked Wales twice, has inspired the Search for the Dragon’s Tears”

As Angela Chartlon, Director of Ramblers Cymru said “I love Celtaidd. It’s a fantastic story which not only drew me in wholeheartedly, but, I’m glad to say continues and re-invents the Welsh love affair with storytelling and poetry. It’s a modern Mabinogion. I absolutely love that the book demands we interact with and explore our stunning and remote Welsh country in search of these Dragons Tears. We have a world class network of paths in Wales and by walking through the story everyone can discover our diverse and beautiful environments. I recognised all the locations in the story but just wanted to revisit them with new eyes and I have my own ideas where the Tears are hidden… but don’t follow me”.

Bethan Lee, a local Librarian described Celtaidd as an exciting and unique project. “Continuing and combining the best traditions of Welsh Story Telling with a passion for our wild and beautiful environment. I look forward to seeing how the story develops and captures the imagination of the reading and those with a passion for Welsh Culture”.

Anyone and everyone can join in on the quest to find the Dragon’s Tears and hints are found in the visionary book written by Dale Davies, Celtaidd. Will you be one of the heroes to find the tears?

Pob lwc!