Review Prince

Prince: Gorseinon


What a truly wonderful book that re awakens our traditional love affair of Welsh poetry and story telling. When the story starts – explaining how the Welsh flag came to be, readers are instantly transported to a place of myth and legend that makes even a migrant to Wales, such as myself, feel a rich pride and love for such heritage and culture.

Beautifully written, a real page turner, I read it cover to cover within a day on my recent holiday! The characters are just that, characters. Relatable, loveable and somehow the author manages to marry both modern and traditional traits of heroism in each of them. The main character instantly has you rooting for them as you feel you are travelling alongside them in an adventure of self discovery and actualisation.

Readers can expect to be taken on a magical journey throughout Wales and learn the true meaning of hireath. I can’t wait for the next book!