The characters of Celtaidd

Dale Davies has written characters that refernce Welsh mythology and folklore as well as the wonderfull landscape of Wales. Below are some of the characters you will read about this August. 

Jucanda and Hanes 

Jucanda is the beautiful young Egyptian spy employed as part of an army of informants loyal to the Pharaoh sent across the known World and less well known World to locate and destroy the Ark.

The youngest daughter of an army officer Jucanda decided early on that she wanted to serve her country and see the world. 

The Welsh world for Story or History is Hanes and in years gone by it was the Story Teller who would be the guide. Story Tellers know the land, know the history, know the stories that make the landscape. Find out more >

Oddo and Gwen

Oddo is the first Ddraig Coch, the Red Dragon. It is said that no Dragon ever breathed fire or shed a Tear before Oddo fell in love with the Witch Gwen Gwyn Gwyrdd and the pair of them were tricked by the jealous Witch of Llyn Fan Fawr.

Gwen Gwyn-Gwrydd was a Green Witch who lived in the waterfalls. Her name Gwyn-Gwryrdd meant pure green: gwyn is now used as the Welsh word for the colour white but a long time ago it simply meant pure. Find out more >

Gwladys The Gwrach of the River Hepste

Younger sister of Gwen Gwyn Gwrydd: Gwladys keeps herself to herself living behind the waterfalls of Pontneddfechan. Born a Gwrach or Witch Gwladys possesses especial powers when her sister Gwen gives her sibling the smallest of the tears cried by her love Oddo the Dragon Lord. Find out more here >

Arknaan Pharaoh

The cruel ruler of Egypt and God on earth. Hell bent on retaining his power and desperate to keep the people of his land on their knees. Aarknaan believes that he has the divine right to rule over the land and believes that he is the one true god. He spends his time erecting huge monuments to his greatness- lining the foundations with the dying bodies of those enslaved to work on the buildings and also trying to stay alive himself.

Adamnus and Evas

Two rock outcrops which still stand today guarding the summit of Tryfan in North Wales. Climbers, to this day often jump from one to the other to celebrate the roof of the north. But, if you can complete three tasks, run beneanth the great forests of Wales, swim her widest lakes and climb her highest mountains you will be Celtaidd.


The leader of the miners of Gwent, a poor soul dammed or a blood thirsty part human, half mutated creature from the dark mines. At the time of the freezing when Barcud flew over Wales and all life below ground was frozen and paused to save the onslaught Cropan- his original name lost to myth- was a young bell pit miner working alongside his father. Find out more here >

Barcud Ia

The Welsh word for the majestic Red Kite is Barcud -combined with the Welsh word Ia meaning ice we have Barcud Ia the legendary giant Welsh bird who, like its cousin the Dragon lives atop the tallest mountains of the North. And like the Dragons of the North the Barcud sleeps clinging to the granite mountains, unseen as sleep transforms her into the rock itself.


Senior advisor to the cruel and murderous Pharaoh Arknaan. He survives by letting his master hear what his master wants to hear and occasionally giving insight into the world. It is Bilgam that tells his master that merely killing the Story Teller will not kill the story. So how do you kill a story the Pharaoh asks. Which is the right question to ask.


Oh this creature is special… as Rob finds out. As Rob begins his journey to be Hireath he finds himself running beneath the great forests of Wales. Only, to his dismay he is not alone, he is pursued by the magical creature Bwrw. This bull-like creature grows eyes the moment you can see him, only grows ears when you can hear him, if you can smell him he can smell you.

Caru Goedwen

Caru is the daughter of Hywel the Warrior with the Dragons’ Hair. Goedwen are not born Gwrach or Witches but have the art within them and are tutored to become Witches known as the Goedwen.

Coir Coed

A mysterious group of singers who travel the forests, fields and mountains of Wales singing as they go. Where they come from and who they are no one has ever said or no one has ever known. Their voices are deep and the harmonies they create resonate through the woods and the soil and the people of the land.

Hywel Ap Ionwer

Lord of the Southern Celtaidd, Hywel is strong and courageous. He is used to living in the coal mines and cliff caves of the South. He is the loved Lord of his people and the gift he trades is of voice which he especially offers to the sinewy miners who rip coal from the ground and fearless fishermen of the coast.

Hywel The Warrior with the Dragons’ Hair

Hywel was a Lord from the Marches, the ever disputed borders between England and Wales. A once gentle soul and loving father to his daughter Caru Hywel becomes entrenched in a battle to protect his land which leads him to madness.

Idris Celtaidd King below the North

It is to the Great Hall beneath the Mountain of Idris that Hywel the Southern Lord comes to warn the Celtaidd King of the pursuing army. To this day the Welsh name for the mountain is Cader Idris meaning the seat of Idris.

Luan the Egyptian Spy

When word reaches Aarknaan that the Ark may be in the small, green country we know as Wales he sends his most trusted body guard Narz to conclude the mission, find the Ark and destroy the Ark and the Celtaidd the keepers of the Ark.

Merched Dwr

The water girl, also known as the water nymph. She lives in the lakes of Wales, eventually settling in the Fair Lake of Llyn Tegid in Mid Wales.

She lives in the lake and is equally able to breath under water as in the air. She is not part of the Hireath trials and so has no axe to grind. She is petite ad pretty and has no harm in her.